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Client promoter: How customer experience reviews and testimonials with your brand enhance your business!

  • Clock logoMay 03, 2016
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"Turn your customers into your greatest promoters when you engage, reward and appreciate them using social interaction data" said Vanessa Boudin Lestienne, Deputy Managing Director and Co-founder of the agency The Social Client during her speech at the e-marketing Salon 2016. Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne highlighted the importance of customer engagement, the essential axis which strengthens brand e-reputation, with a real life case study shared by Pierre Antoine Dubosc, Marketing Manager of SFR Group, and Laurence Besançon, Head of CRM at Wonderbox.


The majority of homes today are equipped with mobile phones, internet, computers, and televisions. The telecommunications market is part of everyone's life. All it takes is one negative experience, a bad Internet connection, or difficulty completing a transaction to immediately bring the customer to express his or her dissatisfaction online.

In comparison, the satisfied customer communicates very rarely. The challenge is twofold: to turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers and engaging satisfied customers to share their voice online.

"We have a contractual relationship with our customers, which means we must provide a high quality service," said Pierre-Antoine Dubosc. To do this, the SFR Group and The Social Client agency developed an educational digital platform to show customers the functionality of the fiber box from SFR and encourage them to share their experience.

"To turn a customer into an advocate, we must challenge them to engage with the brand," says Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne. SFR decided to use video tutorials to engage their customers, and an iconic character was created for the occasion.

The character, Stéphane François Régis, attracts attention. He plays the role of teacher, he talks about new offers, and more. After viewing the video, the customer must validate his experience in 3 steps. First he or she must answer a short satisfaction survey, "Have you understood this tutorial? "," Is your problem solved? " They then record the video and leave a comment, Pierre-Antoine Dubosc shared.

"The mechanics of gamification at the heart of the customer journey is a real lever of customer satisfaction," Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne said. "This digital platform has generated a high volume of reviews with a large majority of positive feedback." Pierre-Antoine Dubosc added,

Wonderbox: engage the voice of the customer by creating a magical experience.

To fulfill the dreams of its customers and provide them a unique experience is the daily challenge of Wonderbox. Through its "dream tester," the brand draws on the passion, ideas and critical thinking to willing customers to test fun experiences for free.

"This program works great. The number of participants continues to evolve and satisfaction is growing, "said Laurence Besançon. Yet despite this positive reception, the brand still faces e-reputation problems caused by some of its partners. "When a customer is dissatisfied with their experience, they communicate it on social networks. We are suffering the brunt of the negative feedback that is actually due to our partners’ service qualities underperforming. Only negative comments are visible on social networks. Our satisfied customers do not communicate. "

It is only very recently that the brand decided, in collaboration with The Social Client agency, to capitalize on the "dream tester" program to engage customers to share their successful experience on social networks. Sharing experiences becomes an element of the online program. The candidate is asked if they have a Facebook or Instagram account, etc.

"We collect all content, comments, photos sent by the client. This material allows us to enrich the site "dream tester" and communicate successful customer experiences on social networks’’, says Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne. "With this program, customers are engaged and they take pleasure in sharing their experience," Laurence Besancon said in closing.

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