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Big Fernand “Bet and Eat”, the first hamburger platform for betting on soccer

  • Clock logoJuly 05, 2016
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"The Euro 2016 is an event that offers a fun and friendly experience, just like Big Fernand. Everyone loves the combination of fries and beer, especially with friends and while watching a highly-anticipated Euro Championship match. With the platform, “Bet and Eat”, we created a platform where we can encourage clients to order online, "says Geoffrey Boulakia, Board Director of The Social Client. With this new platform, the agency's teams provide a very simple and fun user experience, with generous incentives for consumer participation.

The popular French burger brand, Big Fernand, completed their first collaboration with The Social Client for Valentine's Day, "Ultimate Burger Valentine," and due to the the great success of that campaign, Big Fernand enlisted The Social Client team to join forces with them for a second interactive digital activation.

This time, a platform was developed for the 2016 UEFA European Soccer Championship, and gives Big Fernand the opportunity to engage its customers online and at home at the website created just for this initiative,

“Bet and Eat”, a user-friendly platform with rewards

From June 10 to July 17, during the 2016 UEFA European Soccer Championship, soccer fans create an online profile and can bet online on the winner of each Euro 2016 match. If the fan’s bet wins, the next time he or she purchases a hamburger online to be delivered, Big Fernand provides the winner with free fries and 2 beers, and 3 month subscription to the digital soccer magazine so Foot. Additionally, the meal is delivered for free by Take Eat Easy, a French food delivery service. To make things even better, as watching a game is always shared with friends, each winner can gift 5 friends with the same prize!

To try his or her luck on the platform is simple: fans simply register on the site pariezmangez and bet on the score of a match before kick-off (only one bet per championship day).

And for the grand prize, the first three participants to accurately predict all game winners will win a trip for two to Russia to see the 2018 World Cup! At the end of the Euro 2016, the first place forecaster of the competition will win 2 tickets for the final of the 2018 World Cup, the second place forecaster will win 2 tickets for the semifinals, and the third forecaster will win 2 tickets to the finals! (all winner packages include travel and accomodations)

Also, “Bet and Eat” does not stop with the Euro 2016 ! Big Fernand is working on long-term involvement with sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup and other surprises ...

Four days after its launch, the site recorded 2,000 new registered users, 4000 forecasts and 500 winners!

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