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Orange Business Services’ tutorial Bar developed by The Social Client

  • Clock logoJune 19, 2017
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Worldwide supplier of communication services, Orange Business Services turned to The Social Client to simplify customer technical support.

Reinventing technical assistance?

What’s more infuriating for an active professional than wasting time on a technical problem? So as to prevent their BtoB clients from having to face this kind of situation and in order to increase customer autonomy, Orange Business Services decided to reinvent its technical assistance by creating an online tutorial « bar » (, i.e., a comprehensive library of accessible customer solutions. Freed of all the time-consuming back-and-forths, technical assistance requests are handled more efficiently, which considerably improves Customer Satisfaction. The ultimate aim is to provide Orange Business Services’ customers with Selfcare assistance that can be updated on a regular basis.

The Solution?

In order to help Orange Business Services reach the best possible solution, The Social Client examined the « voice of the customer » by listening in on conversations between customers and advisers. What became clear was that a number of unresolved first-level calls were shifted to the second level, even though a first-level solution was available. Therefore, The Social Client created an internal community of technical advisers in order to design tutorials destined to help customers. These tutorials are drawn from information shared between Orange Business Services associates, regardless of their level of expertise. In order to guarantee its relevance, a tutorial has to be approved upstream by 5 associates. A token of quality, this peer-approval process also creates a very positive sense of belonging to a community. Also as a means to showcase the technicians’ work and accord them due recognition, a newsletter circulates among all Orange Business Services associates, mentioning every tutorial contribution. In order to enliven this community even more, The Social Client set up an ambassador program and launched several challenges.

The results

In response to 550 suggestions made by first-level advisers, over 350 tutorials have been published within the tutorial bar in less than a year. This considerable number is explained by the variety of problems and their technical complexity. General solutions won’t help questions such as « How do you modify flashing time for a Temporis desktop? » or « How do you use a VPN IPSEC Stormshield tunnel with the Orange Pro V3 Livebox? » 79% of requests lead to tailored tutorials, a significant number of which have been assigned to 12 « super writers », who have each written over 10 tutorials each, making up 46% of the tutorial “bar” content. An impressive performance as well as proof of the level of engagement that these community members actively demonstrate: an engagement that has swiftly built a solid pool of helpful information.

In order to further improve the level of service, this pool will be enhanced by new themes. Another novelty: besides its dedicated web space, the tutorial bar will be accessible from your Orange customer account. With more than 200,000 visits to the tutorial bar website to date, the experiment has proven to be a huge success, both for the community of Orange Business Services technicians and for customers who avoid time-consuming calls to technical assistance. The tutorials now provide all of the “smoothness” we associate with Selfcare assistance.

* BtoB clients: SME, SMI but also large organisations.

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