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Messenger soon to launch its P2P payment in France

  • Clock logoJuly 13, 2017
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Since WeChat Pay was introduced three years ago, the war to dominate peer-to-peer payment through direct messaging has been brewing, and it’s now reaching the European Market. Already operative in North America for over a year, Facebook Messenger’s direct payment is heading to France…

Last year, Facebook broadcast its P2P payment through Messenger in the United States exclusively, allowing users to send money in just a couple of clics. In April, the group payment feature was added, but again, made available only to North America.

David Marcus, Head of Messaging Products at Facebook, has been clear about his intention to make Messenger the indispensable Customer Relations Management tool for companies. In an interview he gave to the French daily newspaper Le Figaro early July, he announced the deployment of Messenger’s direct payment in France by the end of 2017.

“In the United States, we’ve already integrated direct payment between users so as to facilitate exchanges between people and brands. One of my primary goals over the next six months is to bring this payment option to France. We aim to extend this feature beyond North American borders.”

P2P payment: what’s at stake for brands?

Former CEO of Paypal, David Marcus plans to develop conversational business whose potential is especially important in France where Messenger has become the most widely used Messaging platform – while boasting 1,2 billion users throughout the world.

Direct online and mobile payment is a niche that Tech giants have been fighting over for several years, and during the last few months the heat has turned up as they’re racing to control the American and European markets. At its developers’ conference in June, Apple revealed that Apple Pay was about to be integrated into iMessage. Pushing their way ahead of the pack, China’s Alipay - Alibaba’s mobile payment app - and WeChat Pay both announced their own expansion to North America in May.

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