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Messaging - The crucial channel at the heart of cutomer experience

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Published on : June 01, 2016

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Our global society has progressed to predominately mobile relationships -  banking, dating, directions, photo albums, restaurant reviews, they can all be found on our cellular devices. Companies can no longer provide superior client service without the ability to text message. 

Live Chat, Click to Community, Instant Messaging, Bots, the choice is vast but not always easy to understand. Traditional channels such as telephone or email are being adapted for certain conversations, but the future of the brand's relationship with its customers will also involve instant messaging. Customer Relations officers can have the feeling of being lost in the face of the different conversational solutions and text messaging. What are the various solutions that would be appropriate for my problems? 

What kind of immediacy will suit my needs?  The Social Client gives the keys to understanding this evolution and delivers  solutions to better understand the text messaging revolution.

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